The Place to Travel Without a Passport: The World’s Paradise is In Front of Your Eyes

Do you want to vacation but you hate long and complicated process? Unluckily, almost all journey to abroad needs a lot of documents such as a passport and visa. Could you find a place to travel without a passport? Apparently, there are some places in the US and some countries have freed it for tourists. Nonetheless, tourist destinations keep presenting amazing views and classy. So, you do not need to be afraid of the places are disappointed. In spite of this, you will get find many exotic places to travel without a passport. Let’s prove it !

Are You able to determine one Place to Travel without a Passport from These Paradises ?

Below, there are 5 tourist destinations that offer breathtaking world’s paradises. Definitely, you will feel difficult to take one place to travel without a passport. It is as the beautiful view of the tropical beaches and mountains are so charming. Nonetheless, you may not skip them because you can save it for the next vacation. Who knows you have more than planning to go. Okay, let see them :

A Place to Travel Without a Passport

  1. US Virgin Islands
    Well, the first place to easy vacation is in the US Virgin Islands. Here, you get a fabulous beach with the green coconut tree view, fresh blue sea water, and white sand. Alongside that, the place also offers various activities swimming, diving and tasting rum. For your information, rum becomes one of the biggest industries in this island. By the way, you can drink it in the form of cocktails while lying on the beach.
  2. North Mariana Islands
    If you want to more activities with new challenge and experiences, go to the North Ocean Pacific. Then, find the North Mariana Islands as the best place to travel without a passport. Do a lot of activities such as diving, swimming, karaoke, and gambling. Who knows you are going to back home with much money. However, you should try the SCUBA diving first before the others. Numerous stunning coral reef and the wrecks from World War II are ready to spoil your eyes during the diving. Cool!
  3. Guam
    Guam is the next list for you after from the North Mariana Islands. It turns out the location is quite near exactly on the south side. Guam is very famous as the important US military center. On the other hands, this destination also has several pristine beaches, exceptional snorkeling, and the cultural market. Consequently, you must stay here for a while before going home.
  4. American Samoa
    American Samoa is a region in the South Pacific similar to the Samoa islands. This next place to travel without a passport still has far fewer tourists than other island areas. However, it makes the destination a perfect place to get off the difficult track. The seafood is fresher and tastier. You can also surf, snorkel, fishing and hiking comfortably.
  5. Hawaii
    Hawaii is the only tropic island officially as a US state. Tourist destinations here are very diverse and amazing. Exploring active volcanoes is a famous tourist attraction in Hawaii. Then, enjoy the bustling nightlife and explore one of the many beautiful beaches.

Those 5 places are only the little examples that become favorite from many people. You can also get Jamaica, Puerto Riko, Bahama Islands, and so on.

Summer is not always identical with beach and tropic

Remember to note, spending the summer time is not always it the beaches. It does not mean that having a vacation in the mountain less attractive. Do not be traumatic with snow because it will be different in outside of winter. By the way, some countries provide the place to travel without a passport for other seasons. Consequently, it is not only about summer but also others. Would you like to see? Here are 5 tourist destinations for unexpected experiences:

The place to Travel without a Passport

  1. USA
    Absolutely, you should not go abroad or the far place to spend your holiday. Just stay at home and visit the tourist object in the USA. Certainly, this idea eases you to go to the place to travel without a passport and flight. You can drive to the White House, zoo, Grand Canyon, Niagara Waterfall, and so on. The country with 48 states, of course, have thousands of options.
  2. Alaska
    Alaska also frees the passport for US residents to travel there. Enjoying the mesmerizing land of glaciers, mountains, and grizzly bears are very different in summer. The condition is not as cold as in winter.
  3. Canada
    Canada requests a passport only for US citizens who wish to enter by land or sea. while air passengers can still use NEXUS cards, and passport books. You can make a NEXUS card at a cost of $ 50 USD. This card is indeed a cheaper Passport Booklet and is great for traveling regularly between the two countries. Roughly, what experiences offering by Canada?
  4. Costa Rika
    Costa Rika becomes the place to travel without a passport offering rainforest and wildlife. Through the port of Puerto Limon, you will find the main eco-tourism with exotic wildlife around you. If you visit Puerto Caldera, you surely get 5% smaller flora, fauna, and animals.
  5. Mexico
    Mexico is your neighbor, so why not to insert it in your list? It allows visiting there without a passport if you enter Mexico from the sea. You spend your day there safely as long as you obey the rules. if you break it, the local government will give you a fine. Therefore, do not be carelessly in abroad if you want to get a nice vacation.

In addition, another idea to find a place to travel without a passport is with a cruise. It is a fantastic choice for travelers who want to sail and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. To sail without a passport, you can choose closed-loop shipping. This type of cruise is departing and returning through the same US port.

So, who do you use your next holiday? Definitely, those options are more than tempting but you have to try all. You can divide your time to explore all both in this year or next time. Once more, thanks for reading the place to travel without a passport. Happy vacation !

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