Best Western Travel Agent Rates : Register to Hunt the Big Discounts or Join the Member

Have you ever stayed at the Best Western Resort and Hotel? The lodge which exists in around 100 countries collaborates with many professional travel agents. So, find the Best Western travel agent rates and get the best offer for your vacation. Here, this post will reveal many things about it and some information. Do not vain this change to know more and do a vacation together at an affordable cost! You must be able to catch one of the travel agent rates at Best Western. Well, follow this page until the finish.

3 Advantages of Best Western Travel Agent Rates that always Guests need

Using the Best Western travel agent rates is the right decision to start your journey. It does not matter who you are and what the aim is. This facility serves a businessman, tourist, students, and others. Besides that, it still offers 3 advantages that most people always hope it. Directly, here what you get :

Best Western Travel Agent Rates

  1. Qualification
    It belongs to the accredited travel agent in the world and has IATA, ARC, CLIA, or TIDS cards.
  2. Benefits
    The Best Western travel agent rates in the US and Canada receive a standard 50% discount. Certainly, it becomes good news for you who want to stay at the hotel along with the family members. Further, there is 25% and more discounts at international locations. However, this discount is subject to availability and only for travel agent personnel.
  3. How it works
    You need to find out more information by contacting the Travel Agent Help Desk at 800-334-7234. In this way, you can request a Travel Agent Discount for the date and location according to plan.

Closer to the Best Western Hotel and Resort

The Best Western Hotel and Resort has been established for more than 70 years. It is an award-winning global family that offers accommodation for all types of travelers. Through the Best Western travel agent rates, you may choose one from 16 unique brands. It is such as Best Western ®, Best Western Plus ®, and Best Western Premier ®. There are alsoVīb ®, Glō ®, Executive Residency by and Best Western ® and Sadie SM Best Western. Enjoy Aiden BC by Best Western, BW Premier Collection ® by Best Western, and BW Signature Collection ® by Best Western.

Now, Best Western also offers Luxury WORLDHOTELS ®, WORLDHOTELS Elite, and WORLDHOTELS. On the other hands, the Best Western still offers several new brands. There are SureStay ® Hotels, SureStay Plus ® Hotels, and SureStay Collection ®. Each has his own personality and style, but all have the same commitment. They want to provide superior customer service, exceptional value, and modern facilities.

Create Account and Login

Such as you read above, the Best Western travel agent rates emerge with current rules. It relies on the availability and personal travel agent. Then, you should call the customer service to gain more information. Apparently, there is another way to keep in touch with the Best Western. It is through the website with creating account and login. Okay, here the steps to make an account :

Travel Agent Rates

  1. Fill the blank form from typing your email address.
  2. Continue to give your password to log in.
  3. Fill with writing your first name.
  4. Next, complete with your last name.
  5. Write to the company.
  6. Write a travel agent where actually this space shows some options.
  7. Address Line 1.
  8. Address Line 2.
  9. Add your city
  10. Write your province or state
  11. Postal code or ZIP
  12. Country
  13. Accreditation. As the example is IATA.
  14. Agency Affiliation or consortia

Afterward, you must give a checklist that state that you do not get promotion and marketing materials. You do not allow receive them from the Best Western International, Affiliates, and Subsidiaries. Besides that, you still do a checklist for the next statement or agreement. It tells that you do not receive promotion and marketing materials from third-party business partners of Best Western International. By the way, those are a half journey to know more about the Best Western travel agent rates.

Furthermore, you should answer three security questions. The aim is to unlock and reset the password after you cannot access your email. It is a normal case when you suddenly cannot log in after locked out your account. The first question asks about your favorite restaurant and you do not allow to skip it. After that, you must fill the second question about your favorite beverage. Then, the last question is about your favorite movie. Is it finished? No, you will retype the CAPTCHA verification and then tap the registration.

By finishing the registration, you will receive an email to make the verification. Next, you just log in using your username or email and password. So, what else to get the Best Western travel agent rates ? You just explore the website especially in the part of Resources and you will find “Travel Agent Rates”. Do you need additional aid? Dial 1-800-334-7234 or through for you in the US. The European offers telephone numbers 1678-20080 and for outside Europe can contact the nearest Best Western International Sales Office.

How to Partner with Best Western

Do you satisfied with the information above? Actually, there is one interesting offer for you. The Best Western travel agent rates offer you to join as the member. You can also be the partner to give them new customers and earn money. The company gives you a very easy way to join and the registration above is one of the ways. You will get commission after doing order online using your IATA number on the reservation page.

From now, you do not need to worry about the lodging wherever you are. The Best Western Hotel and Resort are available in 100 countries in the world. Even, each country may have more than one hotel. On the other hands, it also launches some new brands to add the facilities. So, keep moving ahead to abroad anything your purpose is. Get the best offer of some discounts enjoying through the Best Western travel agent rates. If you want to join as a member of the travel agent, the way is very easy. Thanks for reading !

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